Welcome to POU Čakovec!

Welcome to Čakovec!

Čakovec (pronounced as tʃâkoʋets) is a vibrant city nestled in the northern reaches of Croatia, acting as both the administrative center and the most populous city of Međimurje County.


Međimurje County

Međimurje County, the northern Croatian region, has achieved a remarkable feat by being recognized as a Green Destinations region at the prestigious ITB Berlin, the world’s largest tourism fair. This accolade is further solidified by the region’s silver Green Destination award, making Međimurje the first Croatian region and the fourth region globally to join the esteemed Green Destinations certification program.This recognition not only highlights Međimurje’s commitment to sustainable tourism practices but also serves as a testament to the region’s unwavering dedication to preserving its natural beauty and promoting eco-friendly initiatives. By embracing the principles of responsible tourism, Međimurje has positioned itself as a pioneer in the global movement towards sustainable travel experiences.

Get answers to your questions

Get answers to your most frequent questions about how to reach POU Čakovec and your stay in Čakovec.

For general FAQs on POU Courses, please click here.

The easiest and quickest way to arrive to Čakovec is to fly to the nearest airport and take a rent-a-car.

  • Budapest airport (290km from Čakovec) [website]
  • Vienna airport (260km from Čakovec) [website]
  • Graz airport (120km from Čakovec) [website]
  • Franjo Tuđman Airport Zagreb (90km from Čakovec) [website]

You can travel from the Zagreb Airport to the city of Zagreb by shuttle [website] or by taxi / rent-a-car [website].

To move around Zagreb you can take the city trams and buses [website].

Uber [website) and Bolt [website] are also available in the Zagreb area.

We do not really recommend public transport as it can take 3+ hours to arrive from Zagreb to Čakovec due to frequent road and rail work. We encourage you to explore the rent-a-car option instead.

  • Zagreb Central Bus Station (AKZ): [website] (mobile app available)
  • Flix Bus: [website] (mobile app available)
  • Croatian Railways (HŽ): [website] (you can purchase tickets on the website)

Renting a car is the easiest and quickest travel option, which will also allow you to explore Čakovec, Međimurje County and the rest of the region in your free time. We recommend renting a car as it will take only an hour to arrive from Zagreb to Čakovec. If you use the highway, you will need to pay 4.7€ at the tolls.

Yes, POU Čakovec has its own parking lot behind the main building. If you decide to park somewhere else in the city, be aware that hourly rates are 0,40€, while a day ticket is 10€. Be sure to ask your accommodation provider about parking availability at their premises.

Public Open University Čakovec (Croatian: Pučko otvoreno učilište Čakovec) is located at Kralja Tomislava 52 street in Čakovec. It is easily recognizable by the red-brick walls and white wall moldings and columns.

In order to arrive at POU Čakovec by car or on foot, follow the Ulica kralja Tomislava street. Follow the orange arrows. The kiosk at the corner, where you need to turn right, is marked with a blue X. There is a free parking lot available marked with a blue P. Be sure to park behind the main building because if you park on the street you will get fined. The back entrance is marked with a green E.

If you plan to arrive on foot, you can also use the front entrance which is marked with a red F.

The POU offices are located on the top floor.

Various accommodation options are available on the apps like Booking.com and Trivago. We recommend using those apps to browse and choose your preferred accommodation option.

Hotel recommendations
Hotel Castellum – [website]
Hotel Park Superior 3* – [website]

Hostels in Čakovec
Hostel Omnibus – [website]
Hostel Industrial – [website]

Apartment recommendations in Čakovec (all available on Booking.com)

  • Apartman Gala
  • Apartman Rafi
  • Center Apartment Čakovec
  • LURIA apartments
  • Millenium Apartments
  • Rustica Rooms
  • Studio Apartman Rest Nest

Čakovec has many charming restaurants and dining establishments, some of which are listed down below.

Note: food delivery is also available via the Glovo and Wolt apps.

Starting January 1, 2023, the national currency of Croatia has become the Euro. Although some prices may be displayed in both Euros and the previous currency, the Kuna, you can only pay in Euros.

While most establishments offer the option to pay with a card, we recommend carrying some cash. There are numerous ATMs around the city, and we suggest using Google Maps to locate the nearest ones.

As of January 1, 2023, Croatia has become a member of the Schengen Area. This means no additional checks at the airport. Furthermore, since Međimurje County, where POU Čakovec is located, is in close proximity to both the Slovenian and Hungarian borders, you can plan trips to those countries without wasting time at border controls.

UPDATE: Please stay informed as Slovenia has temporarily reinstated land border checks.

Croatia is a member of the European Union, meaning there are no roaming charges for consumers traveling from within the European Economic Area (which includes EU member states, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway) to Croatia.

Please pay attention to your prepaid / postpaid mobile phone plans and the included minutes and data. A tourist SIM card can be purchased at kiosks, gas stations, or post offices. For more information, visit the following links:

If your phone has the capability to use an eSIM (digital SIM card), you can also explore getting one:

Note: You will be provided access to high-speed wifi at the POU Čakovec premises.

Of course! Čakovec and Međimurje County provide a plethora of events and cultural happenings throughout the year. We recommend visiting some of the staples that reflect the history, spirit and culture of the town and the region.

You can view some of our recommendations in the gallery down below.

Explore Čakovec and Međimurje!

Čakovec and Međimurje County provide a plethora of sights and attractions to explore. Some are included in the pre-defined courses in the course catalogue (based on availability)!

Old Town of Čakovec

The Old Town of Čakovec is the most valuable cultural and historical monument and the central memorial point in Međimurje of today. Its walls, towers, and palace are the core of the contemporary Čakovec.

Treasury of Međimurje

The museum of intangible heritage “Treasury of Međimurje” fosters the concept of tangible and intangible heritage using a wide range of educational and popular programmes in turn enriching the cultural and tourist offer of Međimurje County.

Memorial mining home Cimper

Become miners for a day and visit Cimper to find more about the mining history of the upper Međimurje through a series of interactive exhibits. P.S. In the near-by town of Peklenica there is a reconstructed 1st industrial oil field in the world ,

Dr. Rudolf Steiner Centre

Međimurje is the birth place of Rudolph Steiner, the father of Waldorf Pedagogy. The Centre is a multidisciplinary institution that integrates science, art and tourism on the basis of Steiner’s teachings. Don’t miss the opportunity to also visit the home where Rudolf Steiner was born.

Watermill on the river Mura

Experience first-hand the workings of a river mill, travel the labyrinth of love, cross the river on scaffolding, enjoy in a nice cup of coffee or local wine in the nearby cafe, and go on an interactive 3D journey and find out about a day in a miller’s life.

Center Med dvemi vodami

Visit the first and only Croatian square dedicated to nature and explore two modernly equipped galleries with a permanent interpretation display. a nearby interpretation log cabin “My oak Adam”, and a children’s playground “Little River”.

Lookout Mađerkin Breg

Grab a glass of delicious local wine and enjoy the view of 5 countries: Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, and Slovakia.

Spa Terme Sveti Martin

Enjoy in what the first healthness resort in Croatia has to offer: recreation, wellness, and excellent choice of food and drinks.

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