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Public Open University Čakovec opens its doors to all those who seek new knowledge and skills.

#1 Regional
Adult Education Center

Offering high-quality, impactful and inclusive education is at the core of
Public Open University Čakovec.

POU & Erasmus+


2023 – 2027

Awarded the prestigious Erasmus+ grant in the field of adult education, POU Čakovec has joined the esteemed European educational community, unlocking international cooperation, innovations, and invaluable opportunities for learners and staff alike.

KA2 Projects

Let’s cooperate!

POU Čakovec continuously adapts adult education programs to community needs, leveraging EU co-financed projects to provide free education, strengthen capacities, foster innovation, enable cooperation, enhance services, develop staff, and implement innovative practices.


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Leveraging our rich expertise, extensive experience, and profound knowledge, our Erasmus+ KA1 courses aim to provide high-quality professional development for staff from organizations of various backgrounds.

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